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2019 - Greenhouse Build Out Complete!


Thanks again to all for another amazing record year!  This year, we were able to complete our greenhouse build to include almost the entire canopy under film with light dep capabilities.  This gives us the ability to equal and exceed the quality of flower of any indoor or greenhouse operation in the state.  Couple that with our experienced and professional crew of dedicated herbsmen and we are seeing some amazing results. We truly take a craft approach to our efforts here at the farm and are proud to offer naturally grown herbs that stand apart from average warehouse corporate weeds.  As previously mentioned, we are doing more sharing of our story on Instagram rather than on our website these days, but we have put up our Instagram feed below for people who don't have access.  So thanks again to the earth conscious people who share our passion and enjoy the rich flavors and authenticity of real farm grown cannabis.  


2017 - The Year of Sungrown!


Another great harvest season is upon us, once again we give thanks to Jah for blessing us with the ability to grow natural herbs under the sun.  We thank our enlightened customers who understand that indoor weed grown in fiberglass blocks using chemical fertilizers is not better, not sustainable and not worth it..

So stay natural and stick with Natural Mystic Farms and the other fine sungrown organic producers in Washington state!

So thanks again to the earth conscious people who share our passion and enjoy the rich flavors and authenticity of real farm grown cannabis.  


We keep Growing!


Such an exciting summer and fall, but it's truly a blessing when the harvest is in and the flower is ready to share.  It makes us very proud to see so many people enjoying the natural herb, we are happy to know that so many now prefer sun grown to indoor factory warehouse grown.  You can taste the sun, the earth and the clean air and water of the Kittitas Valley in every bag we carefully prepare.   Thanks to you, the urban myth that indoor weed is better is fading fast, coming forward is a more conscious customer who cares more about the skill of the cultivator and purity of the offering.  So ignore the hype, pass on the overly elaborate packaging and corporate marketing strategies.  Natural Mystic Farms is here to stay and we thank all of those who share our higher vision of what is truly important in the new free market. 

We have posted some new pictures in an updated 2016 gallery below.  Also be sure to check out our Instagram page at  We have been trying to share more of what we do on our Instagram feed so be sure to check it out and give us a like and a follow!
















Harvest Time at Natural Mystic Farms!


Thanks to Jah and the kindness of the Kittitas sun, we are once again ready to offer some of the finest hand crafted and naturally grown sinsemilla on the new market.  We have not updated our site in some time, all of our energy and positive vibes have been going straight into the grow as we never forget what is most important - the herb and the people who smoke it.


We have posted some new pictures and updated our 2015 selections on our strains page.  We also wanted to share a gallery of the sights of our summer:






















Natural Mystic Farms Featured on the Cover of Marijuana Venture































Stuff Stoners Like Reviews Natural Mystic Farms 


We were thrilled to find out that esteemed online reviewer, Matt Lee at Stuff Stoners Like got his hands on some of the very limited mid summer flower released from the farm.  Check out the reviews below, Matt does a great job with his evaluations:


If your not familiar with, you should add it to your favorite sites list.  These guys are keeping it real in this new age, reminds me of what High Times was like back in the 80's.





Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!


Thanks to the kind support of our many customers and retailers, we have sold out of our 2014 flower crop.  We are able to continue to offer our exceptional all flower joints at select recreational shops, but our attention is now focused on the new season and cultivating the finest all natural herbs for 2015.


The response to our inaugural crop has been exciting and it is encouraging to know that there are many who share our vision of sun grown and sustainable production.  What is becoming apparent over this first season is that the myth of indoor grown marijuana being of better quality than sun grown is exactly that, a myth.  The reality is that naturally grown marijuana when properly cultivated has a flavor and richness in smoking that cannot be matched in a factory grow.


It makes us very happy to provide top quality flower that people can feel good about and enjoy responsibly.  We are also proud that on top of the environmental benefits provided by natural farming, our cost of production is significantly less than indoor grows and these are savings that we can pass onto our customers.  The tax structure for legal marijuana in Washington is a difficult problem, but we are doing our best to deliver value to the people that have made this historic undertaking a success.


So thanks again to all and look for Natural Mystic Farms flower to be back soon and better than ever! 





Natural Mystic Farms Wins Altitude 502 Growers Contest!


In a first of its kind event held by Altitude in Prosser, 10 different producers were asked to bring 100 one gram bags of flower to be reviewed by the people that matter most, the customers.  All entries were placed on the same shelf at the same price.  Customers then picked the flower they wanted and were encouraged to post a smoking review using their receipt number as validation.  In return for participating, the customers then received a discount with their next order.  The producer with the most positive reviews would be the winner of the contest; this winner was Phantom Cookies by Natural Mystic Farms:


Here is the list of the competing producers:


Calyx Co, Farmer J's, Black Dog Acres, Double Delicious, Phat Panda, The Happy Crowd, Blue Sky Gardens, Copperhead Farm, and Golden Leaf.


We are honored to have claimed victory in this contest, we feel this is a great validation of the quality of sun grown marijuana as we were competing against a couple of the largest tier 3 indoor growers in the state.  Respect goes out to Phat Panda for their second and third place entries, Chem OG at 36% THC and Golden Pineapple at 25% THC.  This Phat Panda flower was beautiful as well and standouts in the competition.  Thanks also to the great folks at Altitude for the work they put into this contest, they put together a great structure for a fair competition and the customers had a lot of fun with it. 





We were very excited to have the premier trade magazine of marijuana professionals, Marijuana Venture, stop by the farm to check up on the mid season progress of our 2015 grow.


In addition to the beautiful cover shot, we have a wonderful feature story that explains the special things we do to make our crop exceed the traditional expectations of sun grown flower.


It's great to get the information out to retailers that there is more to growing marijuana than what comes out of the indoor industrial warehouse grows.  The sun grown producers of Washington are going to be out in full force this season, bringing quality and value that will change the dynamics of commercial marijuana production.


So pick up a copy and take a look, lots of publications cover the marijuana business, but nobody gives you the inside information that Marijuana Venture brings to you every month. 

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